AQVR 280-2

1. Troika (P.Bulakhov)

2. Homeland

3. Oh, Nastasya

4. At the gate

5. My darling's ring (words by V.Zhukovsky)

6. Dunya the weaver

7. There's nothing swaying in the field

8. The blizzard (arr. by A.Varlamov)

9. At sunrise

10. Song of the hermit (words by I.Nikitin)

11. I walk alone down the the road (E.Shashina - M.Lermontov)

12 I'm sitting on a stone

13. Lime-tree in the field

14. At the gate

15. Evening song (K.Stetsenko)

16 Black-browed, black eys

17. You lied to me and let me down

18 There, where the Yatran abruptly bends

19. The mountain stands tall

20. The wind blows accross the Ukraine

21. They don't let Masha

22. If only mother Volga (words by A.Tolstoy)

23. Shall I comb my hair

24. My potatato

Russian Folk Instrumens orchestra

Conductors: V.Smirnov (1-11), V.Fedoseev (16-20, 22-24)

Septet of button accordion players, conductor V.Rosanov (12-15)
Piano: D.Lerner (21)