AQVR 323-2

1.Nightingale, my nightingale (A.Gurilev)

2.You, my soul (P.Bulakhov)

3.Daring song (S.Donaurov)

4.The spinner - duet with Veronika Borisenko (Russian folk song)

5.I see your image (A.Alabyev)

6.I like to look (A.Varlamov)

7.The soul is torn (Kushelev-Bezbordko)

8.You are not here, but you are with me (Kushelev-Bezbordko)

9.Suleika Op 57/3 (F. Mendelssohn)

10.Krakowiak(Polish folk song – orch S.Moniuszko)

11.I Always I sing my song (A.Dvorak)

12.I remember my old mother (A.Dvorak)

13.A madrigal (C.Chaminade)

14.An autumn song (R.Hahn)

15.A youth (Wekerlin)

16.A turtle-dove (Wekerlin)

17.Lake Alan (Wekerlin)

18.Chanson d' Waldeya (Wekerlin)

19.Mazurka ("Little bird") (F.Chopin)

20.A romance (P.A.Ìînsigny)

21.A spring waltz (A.Riviere)

22.A Fine May (waltz) (J.Strauss)

Bonus Tracks

23.A waltz (L.Delibes «Cîppelia»)

24.Legend Lakme (L.Delibes «Lakme», Act 2.)

Piano: B.Yurtaikin (1-22), S.Pogrebov (23), the conductor is unknown (24)

Recorded: 1912 (24), 1936 (23), 1941 (18-20), 1946 (1-3, 11-16, 21, 22), 1947 (4, 17), 1948 (5-10)