AQVR 272-2

From the 100 Tchaikovsky's romances and songs, executed by S. Lemeshev, have only remained in recordings nearby 60. In the present album studio recordings, made in 1940-50th, are most fully presented. Lemeshev has recorded 13 of 16 children's songs of Tchaikovsky. The unique (incomplete) studio recording cycle of these songs has been made by the singer in 1955 (with B.M.Kozel - piano). Now we bring it to your attention, having added never published "Swallow" (1948) and ęin the Winter eveningĽ (the unique concert record). Especially interesting are unpublished pre-war recordings - ęDon Juanís serenadeĽ and ęAgain, as before, aloneĽ (1940).

1.I wish I could pour into a single word

2.Amidst the din of the ball

3.None but the lonely heart

4.Whether day reigns

5.No, never will I name her

6.The sun has set

7.Sleep, sad friend

8.Fearful minute

9.It was in early Spring

10.I opened the window wide

11.We sat together


13.Night (dim grows the weak light of the candle)

14.We havenít long to stroll


16.Don Juanís serenade

17.Again, as before alone


19.On yellow fields of Grain

20.First meeting


22.As over darkly glowing embers

23.Mild stars shone down on us

24.On this moonlit night

25.So what more can I say


1.I wonít say anything to you

2.Frenzied nights

3.The nightingale

4.To forget so soon

5.Stay a while

6.No response, no word, no greeting

7.On gloomy days

8.Say of what, in the shade of branches

9.Coral beads


11.Granny and grandson

12.Spring (grass is greening)

13.My garden

14.On the riverbank

15.Winter evening

16.The Cuckoo

17.Spring (snow is melting)

18.Lullaby in a storm


20.Spring song


22.The swallow

23.Nursery song (my Lizzie-lad)

24.Serenade (Oh, child)

Performers: Lemeshev S. Y.