AQVR 301-9
Super Jewel Box, PAL System

Recordings from the treasury of the Russian State Radio Fund.

The majority of the recordings on this disc are studio recordings.

1. Aria Fra Diavolo (D.Auber "Fra Diavolo")

2. Lenski's Aria (P.Tchaikovsky "Eugene Onegin")

3. The Duel Scene (P.Tchaikovsky "Eugene Onegin", Onegin - E.Belov)

4. Romance of Dubrovsky (E. Napravnik "Dubrovsky")

5. Recitative and Romance of Sinodal (A.Rubinstein "The Demon")

6. Duke's Ballade (G.Verdi "Rigoletto")

7. Duke's Song (G.Verdi "Rigoletto")

8. Rodolfo's Aria (G.Puccini "La Boheme")

9. Amid the bustling ball (P.Tchaikovsky)

10. It was at the beginning of the spring (P.Tchaikovsky)

11. Why? (P.Tchaikovsky)

12. Amid the dreary days (P.Tchaikovsky)

13. The Song of Love (L.Biscardi)

14. Tell me, maidens (R.Falvo)

15. Serenade (E.Tozelli)

16. Troika (P.Bulakhov)

17. Serenade from the music for the play "Don Quixote" (T.Khrennikov)

18. Russia (A.Novikov)

19. A small bird (A.Dubuk)

20. I remember that marvelous moment (M.Glinka)


A concert program «A day of the music of P.Tchaikovsky» (S.Lemeshev speaks and sings, among the pieces: «Not a reaction, not a word, not a welcoming», «A reconciliation», «I want to put it in a single word», «There in the window twinkles in the shadows», «A lullaby in a storm», «My little Liza», «I have opened the window», «We sat together», «Why?», «A nightingale», «The song of the gypsy», «It was at the beginning of the spring»)

Composers: G.Verdi, M.Glinka, E.Napravnik, D.Auber, G.Puccini, A.Rubinstein, T.Khrennikov, P.Tchaikovsky.

Performers: S.Lemeshev