AQVR 302-9
Super Jewel Box, PAL System

A unique pioneer video collection of the television recordings of P.Lisitsian. This collection can be considered a video-illustration to the audio-recordings collection of P.Lisitsian, which belongs to the same series (2 discs - "Romances, arias of P.Thaikovsky" and "Arias from operas, romances, songs")

1. Prologue (R.Leoncavallo Pagliacci)

2. Arioso of Mazeppa (P.Tchaikovsky Mazeppa, 2nd act)

3. Cavantina of Valentine (C.Gounod Faust, 1st act)

4. Zhermon's Aria (G.Verdi La Traviata, 2nd act)

5. Duet of Aida and Amonasro (G.Verdi Aida, 3d act)

6. Vindex Epithalama (A.Rubinstein Nero, 1st act)

7. Nights of ravishment (P.Tchaikosky- A.Apukhtin)

8. Let winter have its way (P.Tchaikovsky - P.Callen (?), transl. A.Gorchakova)

9. Like over hot ashes (P.Tchaikovsky - F.Tyutchev)

10. A terrible moment (music and lyrics by P.Tchaikovsky)

11. We sat together (P.Tchaikovsky - D.Ratgauz)

12. No, only he who knew (P.Tchaikovsky- L.May (?) (from Heine))

13. Amid the dreary days (P.Tchaikovsky - D.Ratgauz)

14. In the silence of the secret night (S.Rachmaninoff - A.Fet)

15. I have visited her (S.Rachmaninoff - A.Kolcov)

16. She is as beautiful s midday hour (S.Rachmaninoff - N.Minskiy)

17. Oh no, I beg, dont go away! (S.Rachmaninoff - D.Merezhkovskiy)

18. A dream (S.Rachmaninoff - A.Plesheev (from Heine))

19. Im in such a pain (S.Rachmaninoff - G.Galina)

20-35. Songs of love (J.Brahms - G.Daumer, valses for four voices and four hands in piano)

36. Drinking song (from the cycle Three songs of Don Quixote) (M.Ravel - P.Morand)

37. I am alone again (S.Rachmaninoff - I.Bunin (from Shevchenko))

38. Here goes a three horse daring carriage (russian folk song)

39. My homeland (A.Dolukhanian - M.Lisyanskiy)

40. It is a sin to lie (B.Mayhew)

41. Not once, not twice... (polish folk song)

42. Ungrateful heart (S.Cardillo - R.Cordiferro)

43. Frantic nights (P.Tchaikovsky - A.Apukhtin)

44. Serenade of Don Juan (P.Tchaikovsky - A.Tolstoy)

45. Oh no, I beg, don't go away! (S.Rachmaninoff - D.Merezhkovskiy)

46. Arioso of Mizgir (N.Rimsky-Korsakoff The Snow Maiden, 3rd act)

47. A swallow (armenian folk song)

48. Vindex Epithalama (A.Rubinstein Nero, 1st act)

Recordings dating: 1952 (45-48), 1954 (43, 44), 1956 (42), 1960 (37, 40, 41), 1961 (39), 1966 (38), 1967 (36), 1974 (1-6), 1976 (7-13, 20-35), 1982 (14-19)

The sources of the materials in the Russian State Radio Fund:

1-6: Sings Pavel Lisitsian (film-concert, "Monitor" Television Society, 1974)

7-13: Romances of P.Tchaikovsky. P.Lisitsian (a concert program, Primary editorial office of musical programs, 1976)

14-19: . . . (a concert program, Primary editorial office of musical programs, 1982)

20-35: I.Brahms. Songs of love (a concert program, "Monitor" Television Society, 1976)

36-48: separate concert pieces

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Composers: I.Grahms, G.Verdi, C.Gounod, S.Rachmaninoff, N.Rimsky-Korsakoff, N.Rubinstein, P.Tchaikovsky.

Performers: P.Lisitsian