AQVR 300-9
Super Jewel Box, PAL System

À unique edition of the archival video-recordings of the great bass Mark Osipovich Reizen (1895-1992) from the treasury of the Russian State Radio Fund. Here on one single 2-hour DVD disk can be found all the musical recordings of Reizen on the soviet Television in different years. Many of those recordings were not only never issued, but had never even been screened.

1. Susanin's Aria (M.Glinka «Ivan Susanin», 4th act)

2. 1st scene of Dosifey (M.Mussorgsky «Khovanshina», 1st act)

3. 2nd scene of Dosifey (M.Mussorgsky «Khovanshina», 1st act)

4. Aria of Dosifey (M.Mussorgsky «Khovanshina», 5th act)

5. Scene of Dosifey (M.Mussorgsky «Khovanshina», 5th act)

6. Monologue of Boris (M.Mussorgsky «Boris Godunov», 1st act)

7. Monologue of Boris (M.Mussorgsky «Boris Godunov», 2nd act)

8. Scene in the tower room (M.Mussorgsky «Boris Godunov», 2nd act, Shuysky - N.Khanaev)

9. Serenade of Mephistopheles (C.Gounod «Faust», 3rd act)

10. Amid the bustling ball (P.Tchaikovsky - A.Tolstoy)

11. I give my blessing to you, forests (P.Tchaikovsky - A.Tolstoy)

12. Elegy (J.Massenet - L.Gallet)

13. A prophet (N.Rimski-Korsakov - A.Pushkin)

14. Ukhnem (russian folk song)

15. A sacred stone (B.Mokrousov - A.Zharov)

16. When on a judgment of a silent, secret thoughts (D.Kabalevskiy - W.Shakespeare)

17. My days are passing slowly (N.Rimski-Korsakov - A.Pushkin)

18. Bacchanal song (A.Glazunov - A.Pushkin)

19. It's not the wind, blowing from up high (S.Taneev - A.Tolstoy)

20. Amid the bustling ball (P.Tchaikovsky - A.Tolstoy), other version

21. The lights in the rooms were already going out (P.Tchaikovsky - K. R.)

22. A horrible moment (music and lyrics by P.Tchaikovsky)

23. No, only he who knew (P.Tchaikovsky - L.May (?))

24. A conciliation (P.Tchaikovsky - N.Shcherbina)

25. To the music (F.Schubert - F.Schauber (?))

26. A resting place (F.Schubert - L.Rellchtaub (?))

27. An organ grinder (F.Schubert - V.Moller (?))

28. Two grenadiers (R.Schumann - H.Heine)

29. In my sleep I bitterly wept (R.Schumann - H.Heine)

30. In the silence of the secret night (S.Rachmaninoff - A.Fet)

31. Î íåò, ìîëþ, íå óõîäè (S.Rachmaninoff - D.Merezhkovskiy)

32. A goat (music and lyrics by M.Mussorgsky)

33. A flea (M.Mussorgsky - J.Goethe, trans. A.Strugovshikov)

34. A conciliation (P.Tchaikovsky - N.Shcherbina)

Piano: A.Makarov (10-12, 17-24), D.Kabalevskiy (16), V.Hvostin (25-34)

The sources of the video materials:

1: «A big concert» («Mosfilm», 1951)

2-5: «Khovanshchina» (film-opera, «Mosfilm», 1958)

6, 11: «Masters of the operatic scene» (a program, 1984, recordings of 1980 and 1960ies)

7-10, 12-16: «Outstanding masters of the operatic scene: Mark Reizen» (a program, "Monitor" Television Society, 1971)

17-19: «Sings Mark Reizen» (a concert program, "Monitor" Television Society, 1975)

20-24: «Visiting Tchaikovsky» (a concert program, "Monitor" Television Society, 1974)

25-33: «Performed by Mark Reizen» (a concert program, "Monitor" Television Society, 1980 ã.)

34: «A meeting with Mark Reizen» (a film-concert, "Monitor" Television Society, 1981 ã.)

Composers: M.Glinka, C.Gounod, J.Massnet, P.Mussorgsky, S.Rachmaninoff , S.Taneev, P.Tchaikovsky, F.Schubert.

Performers: M.Reizen, N.Khanaev