AQVR 275-2

Mustrest 1932
1.Tishina (Quiet) (S.Kashevarov)

Gramplasttrest 1936-1939

2.In the misty springtime of life (A.Gurilev)

3.The Bell (A.Gurilev)

4.I Remember A Delicious Moment (M.Glinka)

5.The flying chain of clouds is thinning in the sky (N.Rimsky-Korsakov)

6.How sweetly for me to be with You... (M.Glinka)

7.The wood drops his crimson attire (G.Sviridov)

8.Why? (P.Tchaikovsky)

9.And Hurt and Sweetly (P.Tchaikovsky)

10.Fearful minute (P.Tchaikovsky)

11.Oh, If You only knew... (P.Tchaikovsky)

12.Amidst the din of the ball (P.Tchaikovsky)

13.Winter (P.Tchaikovsky)

14.Lullaby Song in a Storm (P.Tchaikovsky)

15.The Birth of Harp (S.Taneev)

16.The Mask (S.Taneev)

17.My little Liza (P.Tchaikovsky)

18.The Cuckoo (P.Tchaikovsky)

Tonefilm 1939-1940

19.Oh, Don't kiss me... (A.Varlamov)

20.I Remember A Delicious Moment (M.Glinka)

21.How sweetly for me to be with You... (M.Glinka)

22.Amidst the din of the ball (P.Tchaikovsky)

23.My little Liza (P.Tchaikovsky)

Bonus tracks - The Soviet Songs from 1930 age

24.Lullaby (M.Lalinov)

25.In the Homeland (Z.Kompaneetz)