AQVR 349-2
"BOLSHOI THEATRE-Pages in history" series
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1. To the Fountain of Bakhchisarai Palace (A.Gurilev)

2. Synnoeve's Song (H.Kjerulf)

3. In the Forest (H.Kjerulf)

4. The Way of the World (E.Grieg)

5. The Swan (E.Grieg)

6. Secret Love (E.Grieg)

7. The Song of the Bride (Awake!) (M.Ravel, from ęFive Popular Greek MelodiesĽ, no.1)

8. Everyone is Joyous! (M.Ravel, from ęFive Popular Greek MelodiesĽ, no.5)

9. Mandoline (C.Debussy)

10. Bring with Love (C.Debussy)

11. Romance (C.Debussy)

12. Dreaming through the Twilight (R.Strauss)

13. Mary's Lullaby (M. Reger)

14. Without You, Olesya (Ukrainian Folk Song)

15. Scattered Rain (Ukrainian Folk Song)

16. Guy, my Guy (Ukrainian Folk Song, arr. N.Lysenko)

17. Sing not, O Nightingale (M.Glinka)

18. The Cherry Orchard near the Hut (N.Lysenko)

19. The Village of Olkhovka (Russian Folk Song)

20. If only You had understood me (L.Denza)

21. Come to me, my darling (Czech Folk Song)

22. Musetta (Tyrolean Folk Song)

23. Heart (French Folk Song)

24. The Shepherdess (French Folk Song)

25. By the Moon (Serrano)

26. Clavelitos (Valverde)

Recorded in: 1937 (20), 1939 (14-18, 21-26), 1940 (1-6, 12, 13), 1941 (7-11), year unknown (19)