AQVR 363-2

The first part

N. Rimsky-Korsakov

1. On the hills of Georgia

2. The West dies out in the distant pallid rose

3. Levko's Tale («May Night», act 1)

4. The flying chain of clouds is thinning

5. Where thou art, my thought flies to thee

6. Oh, if only you could

7. My spoiled darling

8. Eastern song

9. Levko's Song («May Night», act 1)

The second part

10. Du bist die Ruh (F. Schubert)

11. Geheimes (F.Schubert)

12. In fernem Land (R. Wagner «Lohengrin», act 3)

13. Borte (E.Grieg)

14. Gamle Mor (E.Grieg)

15. På Skogstien (E.Grieg)

16. Ein Traum (E.Grieg)

17. Rodolfo's aria (G.Verdi «Luisa Miller», act 2)

18. Der Fischerknabe (F.Liszt)

19. The Singer (A. Rubinstein)

20. Song of Love (L. Biscardi)

21. Spanish Song (B. Melio)

Piano - Semion Stuchevsky

Presenter - Valentina Solovyeva