AQVR 364-2

P. I. Tchaikovsky

1. Not a word, my friend

2. Evening

3. Why?

4. My garden

5. Sleep

6. Amid gloomy days

7. Reconciliation

8. Nightingale

9. Night

10. Lullaby in a storm

11. We sat together

12. My Lizzie lad

13. The fearful minute

14. Amid the din of the ball

15. Through the window, in the shadows

Piano - Semion Stuchevsky

Presenter - Valentina Solovyeva


16 - 24. Sergei Lemeshev tells the story of his life (recorded 1953)

(Music played during the interview: a Russian folk song

"Between the steep banks of the river", Lensky's aria, Russian folk song "Troika", "Serenade" (Oh, child) by P.I. Tchaikovsky)