AQVR 371-2

The first part

1. Sonata in B-flat major (D. Bortnyansky)

2. Variations on the theme of Russian song «In the evening I was the youngest in the company» (A. Zhilin)

3. Variations on the theme of Russian song «I am walking on the flowers» (A. Zhilin)

4. Nocturne (M. Wielhorsky)

5. Impromptu no. 1 (N. Dmitriev)

6. Impromptu no. 2 (N. Dmitriev)

7. Sonata (A. Alyabyev)

8. Rondo (A. Alyabyev)

9. Variations on two themes from the ballet «Kia-King» («Chao-Kang») (M. Glinka)

The second part

10. Auch die Sprödeste der Schönen (J. Haydn - FW. Gotter)

11. Rose’s Romance (P. Monsigny «Rose et Colas»)

12. Arietta (P Monsigny)

13. Aria (G. Paisiello «La molinara»)

14. Wiegenlied (B. Flies – FW. Gotter)

15. Lied Op. 52 No 6 (L. Beethoven - G. Lessing)

16-18. Concerto in E Flat Major (JC. Bach. Op. 7. N 5)

          (1) Allegro di molto

          (2) Andante

          (3) Allegro

Elena Katulskaya, soprano (10-15)
Student’s String Ensemble of the Moscow Conservatory, conductor - M. Terian (16-18)

Composers: Glinka M. I.
Performers: Katulskaya E. C., Nemenova-Luntz M. S.