AQVR 417-2

The concert from the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, October 22, 1950

1. Not a single path in the field (Russian folk song arranged by Yu. Shaporin)

2. Vocalize (Yu. Shaporin)

3. The cool night breeze was blowing (Yu. Shaporin)

4. Autumn holiday (Yu. Shaporin)

5. Morning (S. Rachmaninov)

6. She is as beautiful as the midday (S. Rachmaninov)

7. In the silence of a secret night (S. Rachmaninov)

8. These summer nights (S. Rachmaninov)

9. Ved Rondane (E. Grieg)

10. Odalisken synger (E. Grieg)

11. Prinsessen (E. Grieg)

12. Og jeg vil ha mig en Hjertenskjær (E. Grieg)

13. Die drei zigeuner (F. Liszt)

14. Oh! Quand je dors (F. Liszt)

15. Ein Traum (E. Grieg)

16. Spring waters (S. Rachmaninov)


17. Nu er Aftnen lys og lang (E. Grieg) / GPT 14764

18. Foraarsregn (E. Grieg) / GPT 14765

19. Elegy (Sound is approaching) (Yu. Shaporin) / GPT 14637

20. Crushed, crushed (Yu. Shaporin) / GPT 14638

21. The guitar strings were tightened (A. Mosolov)

GPT Gramplasttrest

Piano - Alexander Yerokhin Recorded in 1947 (17-20), 1950's (21)