Alexander Stepanovich Pirogov (Russian: ́ ́ ́; 1899-1964) was a Russian bass opera singer.[1]

Pirogov was born in the village of Novosyolki, one of five sons of a musical father. Four of the five brothers became singers, most notably Grigory, also a bass. In 1924-1954, he was one of the main bass soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre along with Mark Reizen, and Maxim Mikhailov. He recorded under Samuil Samosud, Alexander Melik-Pashayev, Aleksandr Gauk, Nikolai Golovanov, and Vassili Nebolsin. In 1955, he played Boris Godunov in a film version, winning a medal in Italy. He never performed outside the Soviet Union.

Shaporin Yuri "Legend of the battle for the Russian land
AQVR 393-2
Oratorio for soloists, chorus and orchestra (the first version), op.17 (1944)